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Résultats de la recherche

Résultats de la recherche

  1. Interview with Iván Cepeda: “In Colombia, impunity is being resolved largely by the actions of social movements”

    80 parliamentarians, have led tribunals to ministers, to generals, and I believe we can reach new (...)

  2. Foreign Aid to Mining Firms: CIDA teams up with NGOs to do development work at mine sites

    the world, Ottawa has taken new steps to ease growing criticism of Canada’s extractive sector. The Harper ... that often accompany mining megaprojects. In the first phase of this new program, the World University ... Vision Canada has joined forces with Barrick Gold. This new funding approach raises some serious ethical (...)

  3. Video: Uwa indigenous people opt for a future without oil


  4. Feeding the Monster: Militarization and Privatized "Security" in Central America

    placed on the agenda the creation of new police forces in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.   In June, ... 2 the Internal Affairs unit of the police was disbanded and a new law was passed to expedite professional review ... corruption with a new unit, the National Direction for Investigation and Evaluation of the Police Career (...)

  5. The Municipalities of Arboleda and San Lorenzo Denounce the Activities of Gran Colombia Gold in the Department of Nariño


  6. Armed ‘Rescues’ as the Abortion of Dialogue: The Colombian State’s Continuity of Failure

    decade, the FARC-EP have remained open – and continually tried – to establish new rounds of negotiation. (...)

  7. Mining in Colombia- At What Cost?

    Español A New Report from Peace Brigades International: Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet and is home to more than 10% of the world’s plant and animal species. But today, 40% of Colombia’s land has been licensed to, or is being solicited by, multinational companies (...)

  8. Update on the Conflict Surrounding Canadian Company Gran Colombia Gold: The Governor of Nariño States his Opposition to Open-Pit Mining on Campesino Land

    project, new threats were issued to the most visible members of the opposition. Two inhabitants (...)

  9. Colombia: The mass movement re-emerges

    and non-profit. The new law allows for a new category of university: mixed public-private universities. ... students from public universities into the new for-profit private system paid for with what used ... The new private companies are non-union and offer abominable working conditions and wages often 50% less (...)

  10. Rural Communities in Arboleda and San Lorenzo Burn Down Mazamorras Gold Mining Camp in Northern Nariño