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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. 60% des syndicalistes assassinés dans le monde, le sont en Colombie


  2. Rechazo al nombramiento de Alvaro Uribe como profesor en Francia

    Français "Alvaro Uribe Vélez, presidente de Colombia entre 2002 y 2010, enseña en la ENIM" [Escuela Nacional de Ingenieros de Metz, en el noreste de Francia] Mediante el organismo nacional de formación (SENA) dirigido por Dario Montoya Mejia, Ál (...)

  3. Genèse de la disparition forcée


  4. En Colombia los defensores de DD.HH. sufren una agresion cada tres dias

    Los defensores de los derechos humanos en Colombia sufrieron 64 agresiones en el transcurso del primer semestre de este año, lo que equivale a un ataque cada tres días, denunció el PNGPDDH. De ellas, siete son casos de asesinato y seis de atentado, mientr (...)

  5. Oil palm grows by the force of violence

    that some of the new plantations being developed have been financed as farming projects for the same ... to the new plantations developed since the beginning of the decade. In previous processes ... for Economic and Social Policy (CONPES) announced new policies increasing Government support to the expansion (...)

  6. la violence fait croître le palmier à huile; “Colombia: agrocombustibles destruyen comunidades y biodiversidad”, Salva la Selva, (...)

  7. Violations des droits humains commises par les sociétés transnationales en Colombie

    entre autres, par les compagnies canadiennes Nova Scotia Power et New Brunswick Power.] Déplacements ... and Health", American Lung Association, March 5, 2001. 9 Charles Clements, Witness to War, Bantam, New (...)

  8. BP's Colombian pipeline subsidiaries have driven peasants off their land

    built. There has been some works and new growth, but not to the original state. However this superficial ... all their payments. A few new water sources were engineered, but these were inadequate and did ... frightened by the vile phone calls I was receiving," she says. "I'd only been in the new place (...)

  9. The Colombian Plan Pacifico: Sustaining the Unsustainable

    with Turbo on the eastern side. Free trade and industrial zones would be established near the new ports ... The aim was to "offer a modern, dynamic and new dimension of the Pacific to the whole of Colombia, ... to handle more and larger vessels. New docks with modern container and storage facilities would (...)