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  1. Government not doing enough on violence near Canadian-owned mines: Report

    T he report, by the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, documents 15 years of violence and death that happened near Canadian mines in Latin America. A new report that documents 15 years ... Harvard study. Imai said the data in the new report raises questions about the correlation between violent (...)

  2. The “Canada Brand”: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America


  3. The Colombian Social Conflict and Peace Process


  4. Colombia: Authorities must protect Human Rights Activists after spate of killings

    Español The authorities must take immediate and effective action to once and for all put an end to the spate of recent killings of human rights defenders and social and community activists, said Amnesty international today as yet another activist was kill (...)

  5. Solidarity with prison strike from colombian prison's

    hug, and soon we will be together building a new Colombia. Fraternally, Political Prisoners of War (...)

  6. Crude Gold, a series of short documentaries showcasing 5 pivotal cases of foreign-funded mining exploitation connected to Canadian investors


  7. The Colombia Working Group Welcomes the Peace Agreement in Colombia

    The Colombia Working Group (CWG) welcomes the news that the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have reached a historic, final and definitive peace accord. The CWG and its members, many of whom have been working with (...)

  8. Peace in Colombia?

    networks. The government has coined a new acronym for them as common criminals, apart from any relation (...)

  9. The Strike is Over. "The Agrarian Summit is Strengthened"

    not meet the agreements, we will immediately convene a new mobilization”. The spokeswoman stated (...)

  10. Colombia: Security forces must refrain from excessive use of force during rural protests

    Français Español AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT 6 juin 2016 The Colombian authorities must ensure that the security forces, in particular the ESMAD anti-riot police, refrain from using disproportionate and excessive force against demonstrators, Am (...)