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  1. Fear, Impunity and State Power

    Walking through the streets of the bustling city centre in Bucaramanga with Paola, I mentioned the name of a guerrilla group, the ELN, when she shushed me at the sound of the revolutionary army’s name, seemingly scared of open discourse about rebel groups (...)

  2. Destruction of Colombian Rainforests to Feed Automobiles


  3. Violence continues against afro-colombian communities


  4. The reality of Trade Unionism in Colombia

    Español Français Colombia: One of world’s most dangerous places for trade unionists Press release, 07/03/2007 A sham paramilitary demobilization process, combined with thousands of cases of threats and killing (...)

  5. Stop the agrofuel craze!


  6. Colombia Clean!

    Amnesty international USA Info about paramilitary "demobilisation" Video Colombia Clean: Colombia Clean Amnesty International USA ONG internationales (...)

  7. Montage Against the Colombian University Students Association


  8. Humanitarian Crisis in Ciudad Bolivar


  9. Three initiatives of law on earth make difficult seriously the right to reparation

    Español Bulletin #16: Series about victims' rights and the application of Law 975 Three initiatives of law on earth make difficult the right to reparation The government has presented two law proposals to the Congress that allow the legalization and (...)

  10. Chiquita and Death Squads

    Español Français With a $25 Million Fine, Chiquita Washes its Hands in Death Squad Case Chiquita has admitted to making payments to Colombian death squads-- but the death squads' victims won't (...)