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  1. Indigenous leader receives death threats from paramilitaries

    Español An indigenous leader from the southwest of Colombia has received death threats from paramilitaries, reported local media Sunday. The leader from the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (ACIN), Feliciano Valencia, was alerted by in (...)

  2. Hemispheric Resistance to Canadian Mining

    Day of action organizers speak out about repression, connections, solidarity by SANDRA CUFFE The Dominion- VANCOUVER—From Canada to Argentina, preparations are well underway for the Continental Day of Action Against Canadian Me (...)

  3. Solidarity and Support for Indigenous Communities in Cauca

    Français Español “We are not going to hurt anybody, but we will use the force of our united community, our words and our rights to gain back our territories.”   The social, union and human right organizations that have signed below express before the nati (...)

  4. Marmato municipal council prohibits open-pit mining and resettlement of historic centre

    With implications for Canadian multinational Gran Colombia Gold's proposed open-pit mine, this communiqué from the Marmato Defence Committee and the Regional Indigenous Council of Caldas (CRIDEC) indicates that the local municipality will now prohibi (...)

  5. We returned with our dignity, to put Life and territory in harmony.

    Español And it was about time! That year spent uprooted in the port of Buenaventura was more than enough. The profound effects of this forced encounter with urbanization and the ever-present image of progress alienate them even more from a State which doe (...)

  6. Public Statement regarding the failure of the Government to help the Nonam community

    Español The Nonam community calls on Buenaventura District Government to comply with its engagements taken for their return to their territory, the security and dignity of the indigenous people. PUBLIC STATEMENT We, members of the NONAM Indigenous Communi (...)