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  1. Burglary at the REDHER headquarter // threats against the popular tribunal organisations

    have denounced these acts, but also for organizers (see summary in attached sample letter as well ... 90 00,
     1.    That these acts be investigated, (...)

  2. Threats against a community leader member of USO in Puerto Gaitan (Meta)


  3. Mining activist and PASC partner receives death threats in Nariño, Colombia


  4. Hooded armed mens in El Guamo, Curvarado


  5. Amnesty International Urgent Action for trade union leaders in Colombia

    by paramilitaries either acting alone or in collusion with the security forces. In addition, the security forces (...)

  6. Colombia: Shots fired at vehicle of Father Alberto

    and paramilitary groups in conflict regions in Colombia. The attack follows acts of surveillance and intimidation ... has been subjected to acts of surveillance and intimidation. On 11 February 2013, at approximately ... incident reportedly happened during the morning of 30 January 2013. These acts follow recent statements (...)

  7. U.S. Congress Sends Letter to Colombian President on the Protection of Land Rights Activists


  8. Oil is tainted with worker’s blood in Puerto Gaitan, Colombia


  9. Support Teofilo Acuna, president of the FEDEAGROMISBOL, Sur de Bolivar

    2006, remains unpunished, and other acts of violence against the community are similarly conducted ... this petition online: (...)

  10. Arbitrary arrest of campesino leader Rober Daza Guevara in Nariño

    clearly abused their authority in making this arbitrary arrest. This was a politically-motivated act ... demand that competent authorities investigate this act so that disciplinary action can be taken against (...)