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  1. Battling the gold veins of Sur de Bolívar (Colombia)

    and traditional miners by the government, into the new mining code reform.” The ones able to buy up the mining ... a new chapter of an ongoing history for them. Structurally played, harassed and violated by guerrilla and paramilitary groups, the last decade’s pressures by state and public forces make the community fear new (...)

  2. Humanitarian Zone, for our present and future dignified life Statement from the Residents of Buenaventura

    of our lives, our cultural existence to avoid territorial uprooting, for our new generations, present (...)

  3. Date Set for the National, Popular Agrarian Strike After Meeting with President Santos, May 1

    the President of the Republic and justified the new measures of protest. He described the deterioration (...)

  4. Colombia’s Ministry of Environment unveils the demarcation of the Santurbán Páramo without specifying details of the measurements


  5. The Dominion: Golden Years Go Grey: Canada's pension fund heavily invested in dirty coal

    increasing pressure to restrict carbon emissions. If implemented, new restrictions and initiatives like (...)

  6. Political Statement from the Agrarian Summit: “Sowing dignity, cultivating hope and harvesting a new country”

    and to sow dignity, cultivate hope and harvest a new country from the initiatives of the campesino, (...)

  7. Popular Agrarian Summit of Campesinos, Afros, and Indigenous to take place this weekend March 15-17 in Bogota

    to create alternative routes to a new, just Colombia, people will take to the streets in a General strike (...)

  8. Photo essay / Southwest Antioquia: Microcosm of Social Conflict in Colombia’s New Gold Rush

    peace talks attempting to end a brutal internal armed conflict spanning over 50 years, the new gold rush is dangerously fracturing new social divisions in a fragile State. (2) The new gold rush has arrived seemingly ... 2014/01/10/2014-01-southwest- antioquia-microcosm-of-social- conflict-in-colombia’s-new- gold-rush/ / James (...)

  9. Large Scale Mining Creates Social Division in Caramanta


  10. Alternative Report on the controversial gold mining project in Colombia

    is being systematically undermined A new “exclusion” of the Central Forest Reserve where La Colosa (...)