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  1. Threats from recent days have become actions

    Threats from recent days have become actions Strangers have entered the humanitarian zones under the cover of night A member of Justicia y Paz was kidnapped for 1.5 hours. The situation has never been so disturbing in the past several months. PASC member (...)

  2. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- November 2018

    Français Here is the information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia of the Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia: La Piedra! This bulletin consists of an electronic version (below) we encourage you to invite you your allies and (...)

  3. Colombian social movements converge in Bogotá to build common struggles

    Français On October 9, 2018, more than 1,500 people gathered at the Claretiano School in Bosa, in the south of Bogota, Colombia, to begin the Popular and People’s Legislative Assembly. This assembly is a space that seeks to build a proposal of unity of Co (...)

  4. Students in Colombia continue their strike for public education

    Français Students in Colombia continue their strike for public education Negotiations between the national government and the student movement were suspended after the former refused to negotiate on granting more financial resources in 2018. The students (...)

  5. We Cannot Fail in Our Search for Dignified Life: Julian Andres Gil

    (#EnElBarrioNosVemos)   Colombia Julian Andres Gil Reyes People's Congress translated by The Dawn News/ June 27, (...)

  6. Death threats sent to Human Rights organizations

    "Águilas Negras." Tambi­­én quiero animarle que su gobierno trabaje decididamente en el desmonte real (...)

  7. Business leader seeks hired killer, ordering assassinations of Ligia Maria Chaverra and Manuel Denis Blandon.

    In spite of recognition of collective land ownership, deforestation, expansion of cattle ranching and palm planting and fruit extraction continue FRANCISCO SANTOS Vice President of the Republic CARLOS HOLGUN SARDI Minister of the Interior FERNANDO ARAUJO (...)

  8. Justicia y Paz member stalked

    Context: The Project Accompaniment and Solidarity Colombia (PASC) works with the Justice and Peace Commission (Justicia y Paz) to defend and to assert the rights of the Afro-Colombian communities of Curvarado and Jiguamiando who suffered a forced displace (...)

  9. S.O.S. for the communities of Catatumbo

    The Association for the Promotion of Social Alternatives, MINGA, the Progresar Foundation and the Committee of Social Integration in Catatumbo, CISCA, denounce before the national and international community the aggravation of the human rights crisis in t (...)

  10. I 81 Paramilitary assault against community leaders of the regions of Caño Manso and Curvaradó

    Cano Manso leaders received gunshot wounds during an operation in Belén de Bajirá Reminder: Afro-Colombian communities of the Curvarado and Jiguamiando underwent a forced displacement in 1997during a joint operation by the national army and paramilitary f (...)