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  1. Denouncement of the “arrogant, defiant, and contemptuous attitudes” taken by the Company PERENCO against the communities of Aguazul.


  2. The " Caravan for the Defense of Territory" wraps up its journey in Nariño


  3. Colombia: Militarisation serving extraction> (11.3.09). Tomás Gisbert, researcher at the Centre Delàs for Peace Studies.   María Jesús Pinto, (...)

  4. Union Leader Assassinated in Colombia

    protested against the executive order, and against new projects by the company Ecopetrol. According (...)

  5. Suport "Justice Denied" video project


  6. Mining and Post-conflict in Colombia

    their experiences together, sharing their forms of resistance, and creating new forms of life. Through the minga, ... [8] “La minería en la Costa Pacífica del Cauca”, en [9] Idem. [10] “Estudio sobre (...)

  7. The Profiteers Bulletin- June 2014

    Français *|MC:SUBJECT|* Community Members from the Municipality of Puerto Gaitan, Meta Demonstrate Outside Pacific Rubiales Energy Headquarters in Bogota In the early hours of May 12, 2014, community members from various towns from the municipality of Pue (...)

  8. CARAVAN FOR THE DEFENCE OF THE LAND from 19 to 29 August 2014, Nariño, Colombia


  9. Communities in Casanare Speak Out Against Petroleum Exploitation and Canadian Company Talisman Energy

    :// 2 (...)

  10. Battling the gold veins of Sur de Bolívar (Colombia)

    and traditional miners by the government, into the new mining code reform.” The ones able to buy up the mining ... a new chapter of an ongoing history for them. Structurally played, harassed and violated by guerrilla and paramilitary groups, the last decade’s pressures by state and public forces make the community fear new (...)