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  1. Indefinite General Strike in Buenaventura

     - OPEN LETTER TO COLOMBIAN PRESIDENT MANUEL SANTOS- BUENAVENTURA IS IN A STATE OF HUMANITARIAN CRISIS- As you know there has been a Paro Civico (civic stoppage) indefinite general strike that has been mounted by the entire population of the Pacific port (...)

  2. Paramilitary presence Arauca

    Saravena-Arauca, 10 May 2017                                                                                       EARLY ALERT Since last year, we have been reporting on the recrudescence of paramilitary activity in Colombia at a national level. The toll (...)

  3. Joint letter urging protection for human rights defenders following murder of Father Reinel Restrepo of Marmato, Colombia


  4. Increased paramilitary presence in the department of Choco Amnesty International ONG internationales Chocó To, (...)


    With deep indignation, we denounce the lamentable events that took place against the spokeswoman of the Congress of the Peoples, Marlylen Serna Salinas, her family and people close to her family. Sexual violence has been used as a way of generating terror (...)

  6. Urgent Action: International Commission of the People's Congress

    Detention of members of the People’s Congress in South Bolivar The human rights defenders and social leaders Milena Quiroz, Isidro Alarcon, Floro Edilberto Diaz Gamboa and Manuel Francisco Zabaleta have been detained. (...)

  7. Paramilitary attacks: more than a hundred families displaced in the Choco

    Français Español Saturday March 4th, more than 200 paramilitaries in camouflage uniforms wearing an armband identifying them as Autodefensas Gaitanistas entered the afro-descendent community of Pena Azul, in the municipality of Alto Baudo in the departmen (...)

  8. Dangerous new threats from paramilitaries against Peace Community


  9. In Solidarity with the Minga, colombian national strike


  10. Threats to Colombian organizations