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  1. A state of national emergency for prisons must be declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic 

    on the presence of medical personnel nor medications. Even less so, on protocols to prevent and/or act against (...)

  2. Urgent Action: International Commission of the People's Congress

    Detention of members of the People’s Congress in South Bolivar The human rights defenders and social leaders Milena Quiroz, Isidro Alarcon, Floro Edilberto Diaz Gamboa and Manuel Francisco Zabaleta have been detained. (...)

  3. Threats to Colombian organizations

    by paramilitary groups that act under the name of gaitanista movement of Colombia and that maintain presence (...)

  4. Military Forces Arbitrarily Detain Community Leaders in the Catatumbo Region

    organizations publicly denounced the following acts: « In the operation, the individuals broke into the house (...)

  5. Impunity in the Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo forced disappearance and homicide case.




  7. PERSECUTION OF SOCIAL MOVEMENT – developments with the murder of Carlos Alberto Pedraza and the detention of Alexander Tibacuy Laguado

    an act of intimidation and persecution against an environmental activist and social leader (...)

  8. Community Leader opposed to Anglo Gold Ashanti Killed, Others at Risk


  9. Leader Ligia María Chaverra fallaciously accused of being responsable for triple murder

    leaders of Curvaradó in process. We expect that the fiscally acts with respect to the rule of law to avoid (...)

  10. Burglary at the REDHER headquarter // threats against the popular tribunal organisations

    have denounced these acts, but also for organizers (see summary in attached sample letter as well ... 90 00,
     1.    That these acts be investigated, (...)