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  1. Call for solidarity with the days for the life and dignity of persons deprived of their liberty

    Since March 2020 the situation in Colombian prisons has been worsening, firstly because of the repression of the protests of people deprived of their liberty (PPL), which cost the lives of 23 PPL in March, a fact that continues to go unpunished, and then (...)

  2. Police harassment against Dignity March

    for carrying out actions or omissions that hinder the right to protest, and to refrain from carrying out acts (...)

  3. Excessive use of force by the police and inpec against the population deprived of liberty

    or antibacterial soap, but it does allow the entry of some relatives, in an evident act of corruption. 4. 4. Health ... HECHOS 1.     En las Cárceles colombianas se viven abruptas vulneraciones a los Derechos Humanos, el ... de exigir la emergencia carcelaria, el día SÁBADO 21 de MARZO de 2020 a las 9 pm.” 7.     En desarrollo  del (...)

  4. A state of national emergency for prisons must be declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic 

    on the presence of medical personnel nor medications. Even less so, on protocols to prevent and/or act against (...)

  5. Assassination of MARCO RIVADENEIRA, Putumayo

    We demand that the appropriate authorities take immediate action to guarantee the security of marco 's colleagues that remain in close proximity to where the assassination took place.   Assassination of MARCO RIVADENEIRA, social and political leader (...)

  6. Litigation in Micoahumado, Sur de Bolivar

    Sign online denunciation The Comunitary Citizen Process for the Life, Justice and Peace of Micoahumado, the Agricultural and mining Federation of the Sur de Bolívar (FEDEAGROMISBOL) and the Sembrar Corporation denounce the following:     AncreToday July 1 (...)

  7. Inmate in La Picota Prison in Bogotá dies after beating

    for the occurrence of said acts inside the La Picota prison. It also demands that authorities, especially (...)

  8. Sign online against the arrest of Julian Gil from the people's congress

    The last mass arrests in the cities and the consequent judicial proceedings for acts of various kinds have ... the impunity (Spain); 2 Cit. 3 4 (...)

  9. Massacre of peasants in Tumaco

    and repressive acts of the public force in response to the social mobilization. 2) We demand the Colombian ... of social and human rights organizations with the goal of total and immediate clarification of the acts ... reject these acts of violence. We encourage people to denounce and act against every injustice (...)

  10. Threats, stigmatization, and harassment against leaders continue in southern Bolivar

    The Southern Bolivar and Central & Southern Cesar Dialogue Commission (CISBCSC) denounces to the national and international community, social organizations, human rights defenders, supervisory authorities and entities, the following facts that constit (...)