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  1. Mining activist and PASC partner receives death threats in Nariño, Colombia


  2. Another non-report on human rights and trade with Colombia

    Français Tabled June 14, the report’s tone, content, and quiet release leave some wondering what the government is trying to hide. On June 14, the Canadian government quietly tabled its second report on the human rights impacts of the Canada-Colombia Free (...)

  3. Conservatives reneged on agreement to study impact of free trade on human rights in Colombia

    A little report, issued quietly in the middle of June, marked the moment when the Conservatives reneged on an agreement to study how a free-trade deal in Colombia might affect human rights. It’s an odd blind spot for the Tories, who, after all, like to ar (...)

  4. Government tables human rights impact assessment of Canada-Colombia trade deal

    Français The main finding of the Harper government’s first complete human rights impact assessment of the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement (CCOFTA), tabled without almost anyone noticing in the House last week, is that there really isn’t any point in (...)

  5. The Profiteers Bulletin- June 2013


  6. The rival economics of mining in Colombia

    Colombia is paying a high price for the boom in mining, which is producing unrecognized costs due to the preeminence of a narrow and deficient economic philosophy, according to a new book on the subject. The country is at the forefront of external investm (...)

  7. PASC Letter in The Gazette: The social costs of doing business in Colombia