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  1. ‘Congress for Peace’ in Bogotá demands economic and social justice

    of the Congress emphasized the need for new models of economics and justice in Colombia, in particular defending (...)

  2. An introduction to Canadian Investments and the conflict in Colombia

    Humanos en Colombia, SIADDHH, Programa Somos Defensores, Bogotá, 2013. 2. (...)

  3. ‘Jaguar people’s’ urgent appeal to oil company’s shareholders

    When it was time, we would abandon those gardens to the forest and make new ones in another place. (...)

  4. Strike Ends in Victory at the National University

    of the victory will be the affiliation of new members to both unions involved. It is an example of workers ... the possibility of violent retaliation, and provides a new model that can be used by workers in Colombia (...)

  5. Colombia, FARC rebels say peace talks making progress on land reform