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  1. Forced disappearances in Colombia: clearing up the whole truth

    Photo: By: Sergio Segura / Source: Marcha Noticias / The Dawn News / November 13, 2017 The peace talks between the Colombian insurgency and the Government have made the discussion about human rights take precedence in the midst of the confor (...)

  2. Colombia’s Peace Process Endangered Again After Constitutional Court and Senate Intervene

    The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) is a model of transitional justice that was conceived by the peace agreements, with the goal of protecting the rights of the victims of the armed conflict between the Colombian government and the FARC. One of the a (...)

  3. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- November 2017

    Français Here is the information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia of the Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia: La Piedra! La Piedra replaces The Profiteers Bulletin you may know. This bulletin consists of an electronic versi (...)

  4. Antioquia: when resistance rhymes with dignity

    Français The Caravan for life, territory, water and peace This year, the caravan organized by La Redher, a space of articulation between Colombian organizations and internationalist groups, was held in Eastern Antioquia, in alliance with MOVETE, a social (...)

  5. The New Colombian Genocide and What To Do About It

    Español We cannot ethically accept that certain people in Colombia are continuing to kill and attack leaders of community and social movements, trade unionists, and human rights defenders. If this does not cease, there cannot be any authentic, stable, dur (...)

  6. Access to the Cubiros oil well blocked in San Luis de Palenque

    Français The Cubiros oil well had been blocked for ten days until the protestors reached an agreement with the Canadian company Frontera Energy (previously known as Pacific Stratus, owned by Pacific Rubiales) to resume negotiations which had been interrup (...)

  7. When the oil companies meddle in the regulations of the Hydrocarbons Act

    Français In December 2016, in the middle of the night, Couillard government invoked closure on the adoption of Hydrocarbons Act, regardless of any opinions of the inhabitants of the territory, except the one from his oil and gas friend. Last September, it (...)