Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Red de Hermandad (RedHer)

Violence Against Women Continues in the Colombian Massif

2 August 2012

The Committee for the Integration of the Colombian Massif (CIMA) denounces -- before regional, national and international human rights organizations -- the assassination of Luz Eneida Gómez. Ms. Gómez was 35 years old and the wife of community leader Oscar Díaz. Mr. Díaz is a member of the CIMA, as well as the Committee of Coffee Producers of the La Sierra Municipality, Cauca Department (province).


Solidarity and Support for Indigenous Communities in Cauca

25 July 2012

“We are not going to hurt anybody, but we will use the force of our united community, our words and our rights to gain back our territories.”
The social, union and human right organizations that have signed below express before the national and international community our solidarity and support for the indigenous communities of Cauca department (province), who have demanded the demilitarization of their ancestral territories. “We do not want to hear a single shot. Wherever we hear one is where we will go,” said Minga for Life, a community organization.

Paramilitaries continue to harass residents in Sur de Bolívar

13 July 2012

The organizations listed below would like to call the following situation to the attention of national and international human rights organizations and the public. Over the past months, in the municipality of Tiquisio, in the department of Sur de Bolívar, paramilitary groups have increased their presence. This has had grave consequences for local residents.


Protect Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Communities in Northern Cauca

23 March 2012



Human rights organizations demand that the Colombian and U.S. governments take immediate action to guarantee the right to life and territory of indigenous and Afro-descendant territories of Northern Cauca.

Emerald Energy Exploits Colombian Andes

19 March 2012

A thick fog flows over the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. Here and there, the constant wind lifts the clouds to reveal lagoons, cloud forests, and páramo, an Andean alpine ecosystem known as a “mountain-top sponge” for its massive water-holding capacity. Descending lower into the Upper Magdalena Valley, about 400 kilometers southwest from Bogotá, rural communities farm a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops, and raise animals that not only sustain families, but help feed Colombia´s major cities.

SINALTRAINAL leader Luciano Enrique Romero Molina assassinated (Nestle)

5 March 2012

It is with deep pain that we inform you of the death of comrade LUCIANO ENRIQUE ROMERO MOLINA, a leader of SINALTRANAL who was assassinated in the city of Valledupar, Cesar. Luciano was seen alive at approximately 9pm on 10 September, then on the morning of 11 September his dead body was found tied up, tortured and with 40 knife wounds. He was living under the PROTECTIVE MEASURES scheme of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission of the Organisation of American States.

Colombia: Manifesto for Peace, Until the Last Drop of Our Dreams

1 March 2012

In the heart of the Americas lies a human refuge embraced by three mountain ranges, lulled by lush valleys, dense jungles, and bathed by two oceans. Springs and flowing rivers convert its lands into wonders of fertility, culminating to the south in Amazonia -- all of which makes Colombia an object greatly coveted. And from that avarice begins the people's martyrdom: from the cartography of the greed of a handful.

Colombian Police Violently Remove Anti-dam Protestors

16 February 2012

ESMAD (riot police) in Huila, Colombia began the forced removal of the fisher-people, campesinos, miners, day laborers and others who have been blocking the diverting of the Magdalena River for the Quimbo Dam early Tuesday morning. The diverting of the river was being blocked by a peaceful occupation of the area known as Domingo Arias. The ESMAD used tear gas, pepper spray and brutal force to corral the people protecting the Yuma/Guacahayo/Magdalena River.