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Solidarity with Colombians opposed to massive energy privatization

22 January 2016

The sale by the Colombian government of its majority stake in power generator Isagen  to a subsidiary of Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management raises serious concerns. Medellin-based Isagen is one of Colombia’s biggest power companies with six hydroelectric plants and generates about 16% of the electricity used in Colombia.  The sale puts the electrical sovereignty of the country at risk and into the hands of multinational corporations, according to the countries labour groups who are preparing a national strike to protest the sale.

REMISO! Resistance against the militarization of society!

7 December 2015

REMISO is the name of a campaign organized by the National Association of the Youth and Students of Colombia (ANJECO). This campaign aims at denouncing the militarization of society and supports the voices of those that object to doing their military service. The term remiso also indicates the reluctance to do something and more specifically names those who refuse to participate in their military service and don’t present themselves to that obligation.


Call to strengthen society's participation in the Peace Talks

2 November 2015

We, the undersigned social and people’s organizations, religious and spiritual organizations, human rights defenders, ethnic groups, women’s groups, trade unions and political movements, hereby call for the construction of a Social Forum for Peace to help solve the social, political, and armed conflict. We invite all those interested in peacebuilding and democracy to help structure this initiative. We share this idea through the following appeal to:

Invisible Families

5 October 2015

INVISIBLE FAMILIES is a project in construction that aims at fighting the isolation and giving a face to the reality of those touched by the judicialization and detention in a correctional center of one of their relative.