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ACIN Reports Assassination of Two Members of the Indigenous Guard

6 June 2016

Letter to the President of the Republic June 2, 2016 President Juan Manuel Santos

While spokespersons from the MINGA Nacional, Agraria, Campesina, Etnica and Popular were making an evaluation of the very serious violations of rights during the Minga and the lack of guarantees for the mobilization and for the call to President Santos for negotiations, the indigenous authorities of Northern Cauca – ACIN, reported the assassination by the Army of two members of the indigenous guard.

Grave human rights situation in the National Strike denounced

5 June 2016

According to the People’s Congress, there are 134 people detained in Santander*, 3 dead in the south-west part of the country and an undetermined number of injured people by actions of the public force against protesters.  In Tolima the Black Eagles threatened the social organizations in the region. In addition, new information has surfaced about the assassination of two indigenous people in Cauca and the forced miscarriage of two women due to attacks by the Police.

Detentions in Berlin

Police attacks leave one person dead and several injured in Colombia's Cauca Valley region.

30 May 2016

Since Saturday, thousands of peasants, indigenous people and afro-Colombians have been mobilising for a nationwide strike called for 30 May. Amongst their demands are calls for improvements in health, education, access to land and a moratorium on extractive projects. While the government, emboldened by the progress in formal peace talks with insurgents, claims that the current model of economic development is not up for debate, popular social and political movements argue that any durable peace must include deeper transformations in society.

Threat against protesters

29 May 2016

In Colombia, on the evening of 28th May, peaceful protestors allied with the Congreso de los Pueblos (The Congress of the Peoples is a social and political movement born out of the “La Minga” indigenous mobilizations of 2008. The movement achieved national scope and was joined by students, workers, women, peasants, Afro-Colombians, community groups, and other sectors of society), were threatened with arson and physical violence by local police on their way to joining the national strike called for the 30th May.

The Profiteers Bulletin - May 2016

12 May 2016

This bulletin consists of an electronic version (below), but also a PDF version that we invite you to print and distribute in your workplace. We also encourage you to invite your colleagues and allies to subscribe to this email list.

Demands of the social and workers’ sectors

5 April 2016

Faced with a dead-letter agreement and the government’s neglect to address the demands of the Colombian people, we, the members of the social movement, the union centrals, the trucking sector, the taxi sector, and other citizen initiatives, are concerned about the economic, political, and social situation and have sent this letter to President Juan Manuel Santos, expressing the demands central to the national general strike whose first edition took place on March 17.


Dr. Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of the Republic. Palacio de Nariño Bogotá, D.C.

Regional meeting for the water defense in Sumapaz

10 March 2016

On February 28th, the Agua y Agricultura Si, Petróleo y Minería No! (Water and Agriculture yes, Petrolum and mining no!) campaign organised a regional meeting for the water defense in the Sumapaz province. This meeting took place in the Fusagasugá city, in the Cundinamarca department, with the goal of gathering residents from various municipalities located around the Sumapaz páramo and affected by different extractive projects.

Mobilisations against multinationals and mining operations the province of Sugamuxi

9 March 2016

On January 25, 2016, the residents of the Sugamuxi province, located in the Boyacá department, have organized a three-day protestation against multinationals and mining operations on their territory. Many militants have blocked roads in various strategic sectors, in particular in front of Argos and Holcim plants, two Swiss multinationals.