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News - Colombia

Demands of the social and workers’ sectors

5 April 2016

Faced with a dead-letter agreement and the government’s neglect to address the demands of the Colombian people, we, the members of the social movement, the union centrals, the trucking sector, the taxi sector, and other citizen initiatives, are concerned about the economic, political, and social situation and have sent this letter to President Juan Manuel Santos, expressing the demands central to the national general strike whose first edition took place on March 17.


Dr. Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of the Republic. Palacio de Nariño Bogotá, D.C.

Regional meeting for the water defense in Sumapaz

10 March 2016

On February 28th, the Agua y Agricultura Si, Petróleo y Minería No! (Water and Agriculture yes, Petrolum and mining no!) campaign organised a regional meeting for the water defense in the Sumapaz province. This meeting took place in the Fusagasugá city, in the Cundinamarca department, with the goal of gathering residents from various municipalities located around the Sumapaz páramo and affected by different extractive projects.

Mobilisations against multinationals and mining operations the province of Sugamuxi

9 March 2016

On January 25, 2016, the residents of the Sugamuxi province, located in the Boyacá department, have organized a three-day protestation against multinationals and mining operations on their territory. Many militants have blocked roads in various strategic sectors, in particular in front of Argos and Holcim plants, two Swiss multinationals.


25 January 2016

On January 13, a majority share in the Colombian state-owned company ISAGEN was sold to Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian private investment fund. Controversy has at times swirled around the hydroelectric power company, as in the case of its unilateral decision in 2014 to end talks intended to manage the negative impacts of Hidrosogamoso, one of the country’s biggest hydroelectric power plants. Nevertheless, the sale of ISAGEN to Brookfield is far from achieving unanimous public acceptance.

Solidarity with Colombians opposed to massive energy privatization

22 January 2016

The sale by the Colombian government of its majority stake in power generator Isagen  to a subsidiary of Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management raises serious concerns. Medellin-based Isagen is one of Colombia’s biggest power companies with six hydroelectric plants and generates about 16% of the electricity used in Colombia.  The sale puts the electrical sovereignty of the country at risk and into the hands of multinational corporations, according to the countries labour groups who are preparing a national strike to protest the sale.