Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

Litigation in Micoahumado, Sur de Bolivar

19 July 2019

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The Comunitary Citizen Process for the Life, Justice and Peace of Micoahumado, the Agricultural and mining Federation of the Sur de Bolívar (FEDEAGROMISBOL) and the Sembrar Corporation denounce the following:

    AncreToday July 15, 2019, at 2am a Police and National Army operation arrested 9 people (1 woman and 8 men)in the urban center of Micoahumado, jurisdiction of "La Plaza" in the municipality of Morales, Sur de Bolívar.

Massacre of peasants in Tumaco

8 October 2017

The People’s Congress calls for unity and mobilization in defense of the peasant communities of Tumaco and demands that the Colombian government immediately implement the agreements.

The Colombian government in its anti-drugs policy implements in rural zones forced and militarized eradication of the illicit-use crops, a policy which has contributed to the violation of human rights of the peasant communities that demand a policy of crop substitution that is consulted and progressive.

Threats, stigmatization, and harassment against leaders continue in southern Bolivar

27 July 2017

The Southern Bolivar and Central & Southern Cesar Dialogue Commission (CISBCSC) denounces to the national and international community, social organizations, human rights defenders, supervisory authorities and entities, the following facts that constitute violations of the human right to life and physical integrity.


Paramilitary presence Arauca

16 May 2017

Saravena-Arauca, 10 May 2017                                                                                      EARLY ALERT

Increased paramilitary presence in the department of Choco

19 April 2017

Residents of Puerto Lleras, Jiguamiandó collective territory in the department of Chocó, report threats and raids from paramilitaries near the Humanitarian Zone of Pueblo Nuevo, putting all the inhabitants at risk.


14 April 2017

With deep indignation, we denounce the lamentable events that took place against the spokeswoman of the Congress of the Peoples, Marlylen Serna Salinas, her family and people close to her family. Sexual violence has been used as a way of generating terror, hindering and deterring her from defending human rights in Colombia.

We call on national and international public opinion to vigorously reject these acts of psychological, physical and sexual violence directed against female social leaders and human rights defenders who have been visibly persecuted in the recent period.